A Date with Fate by Tracy Ellen

A Date with Fate


“You can never tell what life may bring. Anticipation of the unknown is half the fun of living. The other half is doing it.”

Enter Miss Anabel Axelrod! Wow what a character! Sassy, confident, smart, sarcastic, successful….. And she is falling hard for on Luke Drake! And she refuses to allow herself to succumb to that realization.

Following her in the long list of characters, besides her and Luke, include (but not limited to) her sisters, her cousin, her old best friend from high school, her current co-workers and best friend…. So many characters one cannot name ALL of them. What fun would that be? And man this book is fun! The majority of the characters share a big spotlight with Anabel, and as they should!

This book is full of twists, turns, surprises, love, sarcasm, mayhem…. There is so much going on; one cannot wait to see how the story plays out. And believe me, it all ties together. At some points, you will question the relevance of some parts, trust me, the entire book is relevant!

I refuse to give away too much of the mini-plots that lead to the main plot that break off to more mini plots because I am afraid of being a spoiler!

Trust me when I say, you would be a fool to not read this entire book from start to finish…. There is action, love, seduction, a little violence here and there; did I mention sarcasm? I know that is my favorite component. Nothing like a chuckle here, a gasp there, a laugh here….What I am trying to say is, READ THE DARN BOOK, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

“I wanted to beg him to go steady, or be my valentine, or take me to a homecoming dance somewhere—I was crushing like an innocent schoolgirl that hard, that fast. It was nauseating, confusing, mesmerizing, and not to be tolerated.”