Pulled by A.L. Jackson



I was expecting more out of this book than what I got.  It was a good book, not a great book.  That saddens me.  I was looking forward to more emotion than what I received from reading this.  The plot was there; the characters were there.  What wasn't there was the delivery.

Although well written, it could have been better.  Many books like this that go back and forth from past to present achieve their goal.  This format didn't in this case.  I think this story would have hit better if it had been told from start to finish instead.  It didn't flow very well, and there was too much dwelling on some subjects.

Don't discount this book as a book to not read.  Like I said, it is a good book.  Melanie's character is heart breaking.  She has endured more pain in a 9 year span that no one should ever have to face.  Her love for Daniel is never ending.  Their pull for one another never falters.  Finding their way back together is heart breaking, in itself, and endearing.  I was rooting for them through the entire book.