The Angry Woman Suite by Lee Fullbright

The Angry Woman Suite


Ok. Where to start..... I will start will the positives. This book is told from three different perspectives from three different generations of people. The best way to describe the story is by saying that is the definition dysfunctional relationships in a small town. This book is very relatable, and almost so real. I thoroughly enjoyed these three stories that were all a part of one big story. I thought for sure I had figured out the meaning of the title of this book before I got half way through... Low and behold, I was completely wrong. The story took turns I definitely did not see coming. Nothing I predicted would happen, happened... nothing!

The main downfall fell into the three perspectives. At a few points, Fullbright got stuck on a perspective (story) for a such a long period of time, I got lost when the perspective changed. For a short time, I forgot who some characters where because the story had gone so far away from them, I almost forgot they existed.
Overall, this book is amazing! It is a MUST read, no matter what kind of genre you prefer to read.