The Reason is You by Sharla Lovelace

The Reason is You


This book took me on a whirl wind of emotions.  At first I wasn't sure about it based on the book jacket.  But once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down.  The jacket didn't do it justice!  This book will keep you hoping and praying and feeling.  It pulled at my heart strings.

Dani was tormented her entire childhood because she could talk to ghosts.  Now she has been forced to move back to the small town that drove her away for decades.  Now she has found out that her daughter can talk to them too.  She is pulled in many directions.  The ghost who has haunted her her entire life, who she has a deep connection to, her new boss who tends to be hot and cold at the same time, her daughter talking to those that others can't see, and all of her "ghosts" from her past trying to make her life hell like they did in high school.  Not everything is as simple as it seems.  The twists and turns will have you wanting more and more.