A Beautiful Lie by T.E. Sivec

A Beautiful Lie


Oh my... oh my..... Where to start.  Tara Sivec has wooed me again!  This time she has switched gears from the absolutely, pee my pants, funny to the serious, conspiracy love story.  I mean, who doesn't love a book that literally seems like a movie so much that you forget you are reading a book!

The love that Garrett and Annabelle have shared but kept to themselves for years because of her relationship with Garrett's best friend, Milo, comes to a head.  Their friendship and love are tested when secrets about all three of their lives comes unraveled from left to right.  Who can trust who?  When everything hangs in balance,  Garrett and Annabelle not only find themselves wanting each other, but keeping each other at arms length, do they truly find out what a bond love can be.

I found myself wanting them to just admit to one another how much in love they are and had been since the day they first saw one another.  Guilt for their love and wanting plagues them to the point of denial.  Secrets come out, then trust becomes an issue.  Then lives are in danger, and love and trust are the only thing that may save them.  It was a grueling battle in so many ways.  Throw in the CIA and the Navy SEALS, this love story is sure to have your head spinning, and rooting for all of the good guys.