Kaleb by Nicole Edwards


Ok.  I was a little shocked with this book!  I can't necessarily reveal where my surprise came and what it was.  This was the first book of Nicole Edwards' I had ever read, so I think I was unprepared for what this book had in store for me.

This is the usual, but very unusual unrequited love story.  Zoey and Kaleb have been best friends for over twenty years.  They have loved, lusted and fantasized over one another secretly the entire time.  The possibilities are endless once they finally start to let those feelings of love and lust fly with one another!

In the midst of their attraction, Kaleb and his brothers are trying to obtain some of Zoey's land for their new resort they want to build in their small town.  Finding away to mix business and pleasure is definitely something that these two need find away to combine successfully.

I have a lot to say about this book, but I do not want to put any spoilers in here, and I think if I mention too much, it will spoil many of the twists this book has in store.

**Disclaimer:  This book is NOT for anyone under the age of 18!**