Teaser alert from K.A. Linde!!!!

Avoiding Intimacy


For all of you Avoiding fans, I just stumbled upon a teaser for the Avoiding Intimacy (Avoiding #2.5) novella!

Be prepared to enter the world of Chyna Van der Wal...


Pushing aside those thoughts, she opened the door to the courts and entered, slipping silently into the room. Adam was there with one other guy playing one-on-one ball. Both guys were covered in sweat, drenching through their cut-off shirts. Adam’s longish hair was a mop, sticking to his forehead and slinging around as he attempted to maneuver around his opponent. He was so cute and aggressive when he didn’t know she was watching.

Her eyes moved to his opponent just as he stole the ball from Adam. Her eyebrows rose when she got a closer look at him. Hello! Excuse me, who the hell was he? He was even in height with Adam, but broader. Gah, those shoulders! His hair was very short brown, almost military cut, but it worked for him. And tattoos—she was such a sucker for well-placed tattoos. She could see one etched into the inside of his left bicep and when he raised his arms, another one written across the side of his right ribs. Where else do you have one of those?

Tattoo Guy pulled a sharp pivot move on Adam, passed him, and did a layup, scoring. “Game,” he said raising his eyebrows and that lovely left arm into the air. Hmm…what was written there?

“Fuck!” Adam cried. “I hate that move.”

“Gets you every time,” he said with a lazy smile. Oh, this guy was used to winning. Interesting. She knew Adam was really, really good.

Breaking the confrontation, Chyna walked her heeled feet on the court. The clicking noise drew both of their attention. Yep, there it was—interest.

“Hey baby,” Adam said rushing over to her, a big goofy grin on his face. He brushed a kiss across her lips careful not to get her sweaty.

“Hey,” she said breaking into a smile. “Who’s your friend?”

“Oh, I’ve been meaning to introduce you two, but there was never a good moment. This is my older brother, John.” Chyna silently cursed. Well, fuck. “John, this is my girlfriend, Chyna.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said sticking his right hand out. Chyna shook it making eye contact. Well, it was still there. Perhaps, John was thinking fuck too. Adam’s brother was gorgeous. There were similarities between the two, but fucking hell, if John wasn’t exactly the kind of guy she normally went for.

Just her type.