The Proposal by Katie Ashley

The Proposal♥♥♥♥

Straight and to the point, I found myself fighting tears the entire way through this book!  OH MY GOD!  Emma hormonal.  Aidan trying so hard to confess his love for her to win her back.  My head was spinning and my eyes were watering!  I just wanted the train wreck to jump back on track so bad!

Aidan would do anything to win Emma back; strike that, to make her happy.  Even if that meant to stand back and allow another man to sweep in to make her happy.  He has revealed his true intentions on wanting to give her a baby.  He has done everything he could possibly imagine to show her he truly loves her.  However, Emma just cannot get past the fact that he ran from his feelings and betrayed her.  He allows himself to feel the pain of possibly losing her to another man to show her just how much he loves her.  Now that is love, isn't it?  Just when he is ready to give up...... (haha, don't you wish I would finish this sentence!)