When We Collide by A.L. Jackson

When We Collide♥♥♥♥

A.L. Jackson pulled me in this time.  This book touched my heart somewhere deep.  Maggie, what a poor soul.  She has endured nothing but abuse her whole life.  She doesn't feel she deserves to have anything else but.  She has always loved William with a love that has lasted, even in his absence of six years.  She made the mistake that day six years ago that sealed her fate with Troy.

William has returned home after running from his love and heart break that is Maggie.  He has shunned everyone from his past all of these years.  Now his aunt is dying, and he knows that he must return back to his hometown.... He knows it will crush him to see her after everything that happened in the park.  The only thing he has done since he left was try to put her out of his mind.  Now, even before he got the call to return home, he is plagued by these dreams that have left him scared and breathless.  He is drawn to something in that town that is literally haunting his dreams.

Sometimes haunted dreams doesn't mean a haunted reality.  Sometimes making the wrong decisions can lead to a future that may or may not have existed otherwise.  This is not your typical unrequited love story.  It is a story of love and tragedy.  This book will cut you deep, but will leave you with a calm peace in your heart.