Bound Together (Bound Together #1) by Marie Coulson

Bound Together♥♥♥♥

Meet Layla, a shy inexperienced 19 year old woman.  She is away from her father for the first time to get her college education.  She is beautiful, ambitious and driven.  Her focus is on school.  She isn't prepared for a relationship, let alone to fall in love.

Meet Ollie.  He lives across the hall from Layla and her roommate.  He is the typical band member and student.  He instantly falls for Layla her first day on campus.  Even though he worships the ground she walks on, he is willing to sit back and be in the friend zone.

Meet Jared.  Rich.  Handsome.  Successful.  Business extraordinaire.  He has his eye on Layla, and nothing will stop him from having her no matter what.

Enter drama, drama, drama.  Layla is in a tug-o-war with her heart, her head, the man who has her skin on fire, and her new best friend.  She has never had someone like Jared. He is willing to give her the world.  She is not ready to accept it, even though she loves him.  Throw in Ollie and his love for her and his jealous hatred for Jared.  He will not stand by and watch her make a life with someone other than him.

I liked and disliked this book.  The writing style in some places was rushed and too wordy; not enough description and too many fast-paced facts.  I think parts of the book seemed rushed; I know, the book is long, but still rushed at some points.  I felt a lot of the emotions the characters felt.  I was drawn into their drama, love, and loss.

I will say that I am team Jared.  I am not particularly fond of him, but I cannot stand Ollie.  He is a whiny, jealous cry baby.