Fury by Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons


Nothing like a spoiled British band and two American reporters on the road together.  Attraction, tension, jealousy.  All emotions are present.  Denial of love.  Refusal to accept love.  Secrets all around everyone.  One big disaster.

I am keeping this review short and sweet for a few reasons.  This is a good book.  It kept me intrigued.  The characters' personalities are real enough.  However, the things I didn't care for the book are blocking me from being able to put into words what exactly I thought of the book.  First, the editing.  Horrible.  Was there any?  I don't think so.  Emotion.  I couldn't feel anything.  The writing style just didn't bring me to the characters' levels.  Don't get me wrong.  It's not a bad book.  It's just not written as well as I expected.  The plot is great.  The delivery and grammatical errors stopped me from giving it 5 hearts.  I don't usually base editing on my ratings, however, the lack of it here took away from the book so much that I had to reread parts of the book many times because there were words missing and incomplete thoughts.