Rule by Jay Crownover


"I loved Rule like it was my mission in life.  I loved him like it was inevitable."  Well, that is for sure!  Shaw definitely had it bad for Rule her entire life.  Loving him was equivalent to having a jagged knife in the heart for years.  Watching him drink and screw his way through his teen years and into adulthood.  He never really noticed her other than being his twin brother's "girl."  She sat back and waited patiently for him to wake up and see her.  Even after his brother's death, he just didn't see it.  He fell deeper and deeper after his brother passed.  Shaw has always allowed others to dictate her life, even down to dating someone she could not stand, and who could not accept her walking away from him.  When she finally decides to throw caution into the wind and live her life on her own terms, everyone is thrown a major curve ball.

Rule has always pushed everyone away since he could remember.  His family is strained.  His mother can't even look at him or be in the same room as him.  His twin, Remy, was about the only person that could understand him and keep him grounded.  Now he has been gone for a few years, and life just seems to have little meaning.  Shaw has always been a nagging pain.  His older brother Rome, the soldier, always trying to be the voice of reason to keep as much peace as he can between the family.  That fateful night with Shaw will change his life course forever.  He eventually has some shocking revelations that he has a hard time swallowing.

"I didn't have to question, didn't have to worry, didn't have to fall into the tunnel of darkness because whatever Shaw felt for me, I gave it to her back and knew that was enough."

This book was a roller coaster through and through.  I just couldn't seem to put it down.  Rule is the complete picture of Mr. Brooding.  Shaw is the perfect picture of, well, perfection.  The two combined are explosive.  Once these two can get over themselves and see everything that is in front of them, they set off fireworks like never before.  There were things I knew from the beginning, so when the "bomb" was dropped, I wasn't necessarily surprised, but it fit perfect right where it was.  I can't imagine what more these two could go through in the next book...... More drama?  How much more drama can one couple go through?  I guess we will have to wait and see!