The Fetish Box, Part One and Part Two by Nicole Camden

The Fetish Box, Part OneThe Fetish Box, Part Two♥♥♥

I decided to review these together.  These are parts one and two of a three part series.  For novellas, these weren't all too bad.  There is a good story line; however, I think that instead of short novellas, this story would have a better impact as a whole novel.  The story moves too quickly, just like any novella.  Because of the fast pace of the story, I don't think that the readers get the experience of an actual story.  The characters are a little different than in most books, which makes it a little more intriguing.

Mary, the main character, finds herself inheriting a sex shop and house from her mother who left her years ago.  She is quickly immersed into a whole world she never would have thought she would be a part of.  She finds herself falling into place almost immediately.  She craves and desires things she never would have before, yet it all feels natural to her, just like her pull to both John and Max.  She finds herself torn between an electric bond with John and an inherent attraction to Max.  Both don't seem to be all that good for her, but one is worse for her than the other.  Tragedy strikes and secrets come out leaving everyone scared and confused.

I am curious for what the third book will entail, but at the same time, I am not so sure I will feel the story complete with it.  This story could go so much further than it has and seems to be headed for.