Avoiding Intimacy by KA Linde

Avoiding Intimacy♥♥♥/♥♥♥♥


I don't know what to say.  I LOVED Avoiding Commitment and Avoiding Responsibility... Absolutely loved them!  Avoiding Intimacy.... I really liked it.  I am not sure what stopped me from loving it.  Maybe because it was too short and sweet?  I really wanted more drama from Chyna.  I felt like Miss Linde held back with this book.  It could have been so much more.... We all know Chyna is a drama queen and attention whore, and I didn't get that part of her in this book.  It just seemed dry on the drama front.  I was team Adam in this story, as I always was for her.  There is nothing like someone finding themselves in love and immersing themselves in their one and only relationship.  Maybe that is what I was missing.  More of her and Adam.  There really wasn't much of THEM in the book.  I think this book should have started from the beginning of their relationship instead of in the middle without too many juicy details.  I want details.  It is definitely worth reading, but it just isn't at the level of its predecessors.