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Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

Beauty... Pain... Love... Denial.... This book is almost heartbreaking!  How can two people be in such denial of what they share?  Lauren is too afraid to show her true feelings in fear of Jack sending her packing.  Jack refusing to have areal relationship and admit real feelings can exist inside of him.  They are both wounded from different things.  They are two people cut from different cloths.... admitting love is the worst thing possible to both of them.  Lauren's heart has been deceived in the past.  Jack has never really allowed his heart to feel.  A three month arrangement brings both of these anti-lovers to crumbles.  When their time is up, they both find themselves full of pain and regret.  The merging of these two hearts is so gut-wrenching.  This story is a train wreck that you want to watch with anticipation.  It is almost hard to see these two not finding their happy ending.  I could not put this book down.  I wanted to slap these characters for denying themselves what was right in front of their faces.  I am definitely awaiting the second book in this series with hopes that things will work out the way I would like....