By A Thread by R.L. Griffin

"She was held together by a thread.  Not even a strong fishing wire, but the kind of thread that could fray and break in the wind.  A thread that could unravel at any moment, scattering and smashing all the pieces of her that she as trying desperately to keep together."

I am always apprehensive with reading books from new authors, especially when it's their first book.  Just like usual, I am blown away by R.L. Griffin!  She writes with the right amount of heart and imagination!  This book could not be any better!

I experienced so much with this book!  Heartbreak.  Loss.  Longing.  Love.  Rejection.  Heartbreak again.  Love.  This is truly a story of a woman trying to find her way back in to "living" after losing the one thing she lived for.  I found myself forgetting that this was just a book, not something my friend was going through.  It's so well written and intriguing.  I could not put it down!

Poor Stella.  She has lost her fiance.  She is in a place where she doesn't know anyone.  She has been lucky enough to have her new roommates, who were strangers to her, being her rocks through such a horrible tragedy.  She goes through the emotions and grief as anyone would.  She denies herself the life she should be living.  Just trying to move on and live life is the hardest thing for her.  Then, love finds her again.  But like anyone else, she denies it.  She runs from it.  She refuses to give in to it.  The love of her life is gone and there is no one else who can fill that void. Will she find that happiness or will she find that her life as she thought it was, was never really as it seemed?

I can't seem to put in to words how wonderful this book is!  Just take my word for it.... You will not regret reading this book!