Nets and Lies by Katie Ashley

Gut-wrenching!  Mel, the star of her high school basketball team, has been raped by her coach.  Her coach who also happens to be her boyfriend's father.  Jordan, the school "slut."  Jordan is having an affair with the girls' basketball coach.... Yes, the same coach that rapes Mel.  When the coach casts Jordan aside, she cries rape to get her revenge.  After seeing Mel leaving the school looking like a mess and finding Mel's panties in the coach's office, Jordan also names Mel as another student who has been raped by him.
Now Mel has to convince everyone that she wasn't raped, meanwhile trying to push the horror of her coach taking her innocence from her.  She struggles to keep it together, and to convince everyone that the coach is a great person.
Jordan has now become a target for everyone.  They torment her.  Vandalize her locker and car.  They threaten her life.
Mel cannot hold it together.  The heartbreak she doesn't want her wonderful boyfriend, Will, to feel adds to her torment.  She struggles with pretending that that night didn't exist.  She struggles to make through the day.
When things get to be too much, can these two girls must find it within themselves to speak out and tell the truth while attempting to heal from the pain they have been carrying.
I read that this book is based on true events.  This book is definitely something ripped from the headlines.  It is such a relate-able story.  My heart ached for Mel, and yes, for Jordan too.  Life is never easy, and being taken advantage of by a respected adult can only make things harder.  This is a must read from Katie Ashley.  If you are questioning whether or not to read this book, I can tell you that you must read this book!