Reckless by SC Stephens


Hot, steamy, hot, sexy, smoldering, sexy!  Did I mention sexy?  Join Kiera and Kellan on yet another ride!  Ups and downs.  Their relationship has been kicked up a notch.  However, with this budding relationship comes drama.  Would you expect anything else from these two?  Throw in a record label calling the shots.  A hot celebrity fawning over Kellan..... That equals a lot of heart pounding drama!  There isn't much more to say without giving away things.  Everything that comes to mind would be a spoiler.  I can say, I was not fond of Kiera too much in this book.  Her character's personality took a bit of a nose dive.  She redeemed herself by the end of the book.  But her dive made the book drag a little more than I expected.  Other than that, this book was more than I anticipated.  Don't be fooled, Reckless is just that, Reckless!