Rock the Heart (Black Falcon #1) by Michelle A. Valentine

Rock the Heart♥♥♥

Ever read a book that has had so much hype, and that everyone seemed to love, however, you just weren't blown away like everyone else?  I seem to find that a lot lately.  I am not saying I didn't like this book; I did.  It just wasn't the  "OMG this book is great" kind of book.

Lane is an intern for a big New York ad agency.  Noel is now a big rock star.  These two have a steamy and heart breaking past.  They were high school sweethearts.  Well, until Lane selfishly dumped him before she went off to college.  After having his heart stomped on and his family turning their backs on him for wanting to pursue his dream instead of college, Noel embraced the rock star life style..... Until Lane came back into his life.

Lane has taken the task of heading up Noel and his band's new charity campaign.  Noel has ensured that she is the only one on this project in order to gain her back.  Lane can't seem to resist his charm and the love they still share.  She does her best to not cross the line of professionalism, but sometimes old habits and feelings just won't allow the temptation to pass.  Eventually, they both have obstacles they need to hurdle and heal from.  The question is, can their love survive those secrets or are they doomed to not have the love they both have longed for over the last few years?

I can't put my finger on why I didn't absolutely love this book.  I noticed some similarities between this book and another book I read not too long ago, but cannot figure out what book it is.  I seemed to know Noel's secret from the get-go.  I can see where people really loved it, but I just liked it.  Don't let my just liking the book turn you off though, it is a good book, it just didn't hit me the way I had anticipated.