Sleepover and Giveaway coming your way with Tracy Ellen!

OH! Hi there Luke Drake!  What are you doing on my page?

WOWZA!  It's Luke Drake, here, on my blog...... I think he has something to tell us.  I know, I am panting too!  Such a hunk of a man.  So handsome and mysterious!  He has captivated us with his good looks and his "relationship" with the lovely Anabel Axelrod!

I bet you are wanting me to get to the point?  Wait?  What was I doing here again?  I got a little distracted by Luke... tempting me with his haunting eyes and little black bag.... OoooOooo I wonder what is in that black bag!  Don't you want to know what is in that mysterious black bag?
Hehehehe..... So Luke has informed me of a couple of things... First, if you want to know what is in that alluring black bag, you have to read Courted by Karma.  Secondly he has whispered in my ear that Tracy Ellen will be here Friday night/Saturday morning, during the wee hours, having a sleepover with us!  What could be better?  I know.... Luke being at the sleepover would be better, right?  Well, he cannot promise that.  But what he does promise is that Tracy will be here to chat with all of us into the wee hours of the morning.  He says to bring your popcorn, snacks, blankies, pillows and scary stories with you.  It will be a new age blog sleepver!  He has also informed me that Tracy is bringing along something else... a bountiful giveaway?  Wait!  She has a black bag of her own!  *I am jumping up and down with excitement over here, someone dump cold water on me please!*

So to sum it up.  My blog.  Friday/Saturday night at midnight (EST).  Me, all of you, and Tracy Ellen redefining the tradition of sleepovers.  A giveaway definitely a must-not-miss....
I think we need another peek at Luke to hold us over until Friday!

Oh thank you for standing up for us Luke!  I think that will do until Friday.... I think......