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**Skinny dipping scene from By a Thread in Millie's POV**

Millie pulled her sweater away from her body, they were sitting at the bar at Finnegan’s like every other Saturday night and it was hot.  Stella, Patrick and Billy were talking about a drinking contest and she wasn’t paying attention until she heard Stella.
 “Millie’s out. She’s a ‘normal’ girl, she can’t hang.”
“Excuse me, I can drink with the best of ’ em.” Millie pouted, offended that Stella didn’t think she could hold her liquor.  Millie had been drinking with these guys for awhile, she could definitely drink more that most girls.
“Mill, this isn’t about you being able to drink or hold your liquor. This is about being able to drink as much as me and hold your liquor.”  Stella said with an amused expression on her face.
Wincing, Millie shook her head.  She’d seen Stella drink several bottles of wine by herself in one night without even getting a hangover the next day. “Okay, I’m out.”
“Good,” Patrick said. “I’m in, and I’ll win.”  Millie smiled at Patrick, he really only became fun when he drank.  The rest of the time he was all business, even with Stella.  It’s like he directed her through her life.  She still hadn’t figured them out yet.
Millie waved the George over and leaned over the bar.  “This is going to be ugly.”
George looked at Stella.  Millie sat back in bar stool noticing George’s look.  Then she looked at Stella who was joking with Billy, oblivious to George’s gaze.  “What’s going on?  George asked.

“Drinking game.”  Millie answered.
“That’s easy.  I bet on El.”
“I’m sure you do,” she murmured.  “I need another vodka.”
“Another round all around,” Stella yelled at George and burst out laughing.
“Oh yeah, this is going to be hideous,” George agreed with Millie.
The drunker Patrick got, the funnier he got.  They were the last few groups left in the bar when Stella decided she wanted to go for a swim.
Patrick leaned toward Millie, his lips grazing her ear inadvertently.  “You taking your clothes off?”  He asked his words slurred.  Millie nodded, a light buzzing filling her entire body.  She didn’t know if it was how much she’d had to drink or Patrick’s lips on her ear.  She followed Stella into the bathroom giggling like a school girl.
“I’m so drunk,” Millie commented.  She examined herself in the mirror.  She knew she was pretty, everyone always told her she was pretty.  She hated that word pretty.  “I still look okay though?”  She asked Stella.
Stella stumbled out of the stall. “I hope you groomed yourself today. We are going skinny dipping.”  Millie sighed, Stella wasn’t pretty she this hot, confident, don’t give a fuck vibe to her.
A squeal escaped her lips.  “I’ve never been skinny dipping. Where is there a pool?”  
“There’s a hotel with an indoor pool a couple of blocks from here,” Stella opened the door.  “We’ll have to sneak in,” she said in a faux whisper.
They walked to the bar, “George, we need our tab. We’re going swimming,” Millie said looking around cautiously. “Naked.”
George’s eyes crinkled with laughter. “That should be fun, Millie.”
“I’ve never been before… shhh, don’t tell anyone.”
“Mill, just act like you’ve done it before. Haven’t you learned anything in law school?  Perception is 95 percent of the game.” Stella was standing right behind Millie and had her chin of Millie’s shoulder.  She made the loudest hiccup sound Millie had ever heard, Millie burst out laughing. Stella put her debit card on the receipt and winked at George, ignoring the hiccup. “Right, George?”
“Something like that,” he replied and moved toward the end of the bar.
Millie waved goodbye to George as they grabbed Billy and Patrick on their way to the door. “It’s this way,” Stella said, gesturing for the group to follow.  Millie giggled when Stella stumbled a little leading them down the block
Stella put her arm through the gap between Billy’s arm and his body, linking their arms together to steady herself.
“We Are Going Skinny Dipping,” Stella said smiling. She hiccupped again and started laughing.   Millie started laughing at Stella’s hiccups, she couldn’t help herself.  It was a compulsion when anyone hiccups Millie couldn’t contain her laughter.
“We are?” Patrick asked with a giggle. Everyone stopped walking and turned to look at him.
“Did you just giggle?” Millie asked, shock on her face.  Patrick didn’t giggle.  He had a big, sarcastic barking laugh, if he laughed at all.
“You may be the one to puke tonight…” Stella winked at Billy as they laughed at their usually stoic roommate.
“No puking, just naked swimming with beautiful people,” Patrick said with a wide grin.
“Thanks, Patrick,” Billy said laughing.
They walked into the hotel and Stella handled getting them in, Millie didn’t pay attention she was too busy trying to remember if she’d shaved her bikini area.  It was winter.
Once Stella had gotten then past the clerk, the four of them walked down the hall and
pointed at the sign showing the way to the indoor pool.  Stella attempted to get into the pool area, but was too drunk.  Patrick pulled the key away from Stella and got them in.  As soon as the Stella walked through the door, Stella had her clothes off and jumped into the pool.
Millie started with her shoes, she didn’t know how these sorts of things work.  “Hey,” wined Billy, “I didn’t even get to see anything.” He and Patrick both turned to Millie, she was demurely taking her jeans off and folding them on a pool lounger.
“What?” She blushed, “I’ll make you both turn around if you don’t stop staring.”  She stood nervous in her sweater and thong.  Patrick took another long look at Millie, but then busied himself with his clothes. Millie admired his tight ass as he walked toward the pool, as he turned to look back at Millie and fell into the pool.  Her mouth practically fell to the floor.  Holy shit, he has his own flashing sign to his penis.  Patrick’s abs and torso was so chiseled he could’ve been made of marble, she thought.  Oh, I have to touch that.  
She was so distracted by Patrick’s arrow she quickly pulled off her sweater, bra and thong and trotted to jump into the pool.  Millie’s foot got caught of something as she yelled,
 “CANNONBALL.”  She tripped and fell on the concrete pool deck before reaching the pool. Everyone erupted in laughter.  Millie was mortified as she lay there naked on the floor, but then began laughing at the absurdity of it all.  Tears began rolling down her face and she got up on her hands and knees and crawled to the edge of the pool.  She lowered herself on her side and rolled into the pool.   Mortified.

If you want to read my review of this book, you can find it on my blog or Goodreads page.  Here is the link for my review By A Thread review
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