Once You Go Demon by Killian McRae

Just as in Pure & Sinful, Killian McRae has me wanting more.  How dare she end this book just when I was on the edge of my seat! Hold on tight, this book does not disappoint!
Now first, Riona.  Come on!  Stop denying what you know you feel for Jerry.  Yes, I am Jerry’s cheerleader.  Don’t hate!  You will be too!  Now back to Riona.  I know you have had a lot of “truths” thrown at you, but denying what you want versus what you think you should have is not healthy for anyone!
Oh Jerry, once Pure Soul turned demon, now you are…. Well, I cannot tell you what he is.  That would mean I would have to spoil some pretty juicy gossip!  I can’t do that!  Needless to say he has redeemed himself in this installment.  Don’t worry, there will be plenty more Jerry coming; I am sure of it by the ending of this book that left me panting and begging for it to not be the ending!
We still get lots of Remi and Dee too, along with others introduced to us in Pure & Sinful.  This book was nothing short of great!  I cannot go too far into what I liked about this book, again I would be a spoiler.  Just trust me when I say this is not your traditional love story/paranormal book.  This book stands alone on its own plane!