Swoon! Review of Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Oh my!  What can I say about Travis!?!  If I didn't love him already, I sure do now.... Not that I didn't love him though!  I was always rooting for him!
He about ripped my heart out with his love for Pigeon and her reluctance to love him back!
I thought for sure since I already knew the story from Beautiful Disaster, but what I got was a totally different look at the story from a heartbreaking and earth-shattering point of view!
There wasn't much I didn't like about this book.... I can say I was a little disappointed on details.  We got a lot of details on big events before, but none here. I would have liked more on his thoughts at times like his fights and a little more on the fire scene!  A lot of things just got skipped over and mentioned as an afterthought.
Now, the epilogue.... I am HOPING this means that we WILL be seeing some more of Travis and Pigeon soon!  Jamie McGuire really left us panting and drooling with that ending!  So, I am begging for more surrounding the epilogue!  I really want to see how that turns out!

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