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I Remember You by Scarlett Metal
Release date:  April 25, 2013
My rating:  3.5 stars

Where do I start with this novella?  I didn't not like this book, but I didn't love it.  The main reason I gave this the rating I did was because it was too rushed.  Yeah.  Yeah.  I know, it's a novella!  Still, for a storyline like this, I would rather it not be so rushed.  It started out good.  The middle was good.  The last third went from A to Z in a matter of seconds.  I felt a little ripped off!  I wanted more detail, and not in a sexual way.  I wanted some drama.  A story like this needs a character to interrupt at one point and cause some juicy scandal or something!
What I liked about this story is that it is a true "fairytale."  What I mean by that is.... Boy has girl.  Boy loses girl.  They both run into one another ten years later and fall right back into place.... The little bit of their personalities we get is intriguing.

With all of that being said.... I am going to give you a little character casting, as in how I see the characters....

First up, we have Samantha with her natural beautiful blonde hair and green eyes....

Next up we have Lance with his boyish, yet semi-rocker good looks....

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