Reviewing Rumors....

Rumors by Stephanie Abrams
Release date:  December 29, 2013
My rating:  4.5 stars
What did I think of this book?
**Before I give you my review, please keep in mind I plan to rewrite this at a later date.  I have am on the upcoming blog tour, so I thought I would just give you a few thoughts on what I think of this great book!**
Where to begin! If you haven't read this book, it needs to be added to your TBR! Salacious rumors, gossip,
criminals... This book has it all! Welcome to the world of the bored, rich, and not-so-religious lives of women who have nothing better to do than stab each other in the back. Throw in some shady and illegal characters in the middle, and you have one book that will keep you thinking the whole way through the book! You know since they are all in the book that they must all be tied together somehow... With that in mind, it's a race to find out how everything is tied in one neat bow in the end.

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