Three of Hearts has left me smiling...

Three of Hearts by W. Ferraro
Release date:  September 17, 2013
My rating:  4 stars

Where to start with this.... The first thing I liked about this book is the use of unusual characters.  What I mean by that is the use of a "curvaceous" woman.  The main character, Mae, is not your typical drop dead, model looking woman.  She is a real woman with real features.  And the handsome man falls for her beautiful physique and bubbly personality.  Kudos to W. Ferraro for this!  I applaud you!
So, what else did I like?  Well, I laughed and cried right along with the characters.  The story is more believable than most.  Man loses wife, meets a charming nurse that gets his blood pumping.  Just when you think everything is too perfect... Bam!  Things start to fall apart.  The connection these characters have is a strong connection that may or may not survive.  Either way, you are left with your heart on your sleeve from the love these two have found.
Now, what I wasn't fond of.... Honestly, some of the exchanges were too cheesy.  This is the one thing that stopped this book from getting a five star rating.  Too much use of "honey" and such.  It was a little sappy.  I found myself rolling my eyes at a few points over the sappiness.  I get love can get sappy, but it almost took away from the emotions in the book in a few places.

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