Review: Rebecca's Lost Journals Books 1-4 (Inside Out Trilogy) by Lisa Renee Jones

The Seduction, Book 1
The Contract, Book 2
His Submissive, Book 3
My Master, Book 4
My overall rating:  3.5 stars
I am going to "review" all four of these as if they were one book.  They are such short novellas, that I cannot review them separately!
These books are a hit or miss.  Either you are going to love them or not like them.  Although, I am teetering in-between.  I am not sure what I was expecting with these books, but I don't think it is what I got.  However, reading these, one can see how tortured Rebecca was... Always fighting with her inner-self.  These books show her vulnerability when it comes to "him".  She tries to stay strong and stand her ground, but he has a hold of her mentally and physically, which makes it almost impossible for her to say no to him.  
The author has said that these are to be read in-between If I Were You and Being Me.  I am not so sure why.  Maybe I will find out when I am finished with Being Me.  I want to note, if you are looking for details on Rebecca being a submissive, you aren't going to really get that with these.  You get her inner most thoughts and struggles to her being his and trying to maintain her being herself.  

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