Review Time!!!!

Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones
Release date:  June 11, 2013
My rating:  4 stars

**This was provided as an ARC through NetGalley for an honest reiview.**

"It's his imperfections that make him perfect."

Oh my!  I am not sure what I was expecting from this book, but I am pretty sure I got it and then some!  Let me just tell you that you will get the answers you were looking for in this book.... and you will be floored!  But, also, you will have more questions raised... Let's just hope they get answered in the next book; yes, there will be another book!  YAY! 

This book is imperfectly perfect on so many levels.  Passion.  Intrigue.  Excitement.  Thrilling.  Terrifying.  Loving.  Revenge.  I could go all day with the one-liners! 

"If I need to get lost, I'll get lost in you."

I found myself lost in the book all of the way through... Now not lost as in confused.  I was lost in the story and the new turns of events that made the story much more than it was in If I Were You.  These books were almost two different stories, yet the same stories, that collided into one another and created an explosion of a story!  

I find myself telling you all this... But, I am not going to go into details about the book.  I am sure you will find that on other reviews, and you can find some in the book blurb... What I will tell you is that mysteries are unfolded and created.  Love is in the air... or is it?  Or isn't it?  Oh, I can't tell you!  I am not a spoiler!  
Now Lisa has told us that we need to read Rebecca's journals before we read this.  To be honest, I am not sure why.  I thought they gave me insight to who "he" was in the journals.... They actually just made me more confused.  Now, as I type this, I am thinking about it.  They did help in some ways, and I can see why they need read first.  Their impact will be lost if you read this before them!  So, yes, read them before you read this!

"Baby, the ways I'm going to fuck you are too many to count, but not tonight.  Tonight, I'm going to make love to you."  (I won't tell you who said that and to whom it was said to!  HAHA!  Read the book to find out!)

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