Author Ashley Wilcox is having a great giveaway!

Author, Ashley Wilcox has decided to do a giveaway... just because!  She is giving away ten, yes TEN, of her most favorite books of all time!  How awesome is that?  I think that is pretty awesome and generous of her!  So, who is Ashley Wilcox?  Most of us know who she is, but maybe some of you don't!  She is the author of The Forever Series.  So, back to the giveaway.  It will run until September 22.  Now remember before you enter this giveaway that I am not running it, not picking the winners... I am not affiliated with this giveaway.  Everything is being ran through Ashley herself!  I am just tipping my hat to her generosity by sharing this great giveaway for her!

a Rafflecopter giveaway