HIM by Carey Heywood: Review


Sarah Miller hasn’t been home in seven years. She thought she could stay away forever. If it wasn’t for her big brother's wedding, that is. Part of her even feels silly for staying away this long. It's not like anyone even knew what happened. Well, except for him.
That guy. The one she compared all others to. The one who set the bar so high no other guy after him could even compete. The one who made her feel like anything was possible. The one she thought she would never be good enough for. The one she spent the last seven years trying to forget.
All she needs to do is make it through the next week without running into him.

My Review

Sarah and Will… best friends who loved each other since middle school.  Life and misunderstandings got in the way, which forced them to move on with life in the dark and really not moving on.  Both of them have tried desperately to move past their love for one another, but that just didn’t seem to happen.  They are both still miserable and stubborn; now thrown back together in Sarah’s brother’s wedding.
Sarah tries so hard to deny that she still loves Will.  She tries to hold on to the anger she has held for years.  Will has no clue what drove her away.  He is trying so hard to get her to talk to him.  He wants her more now than he ever has.
The chemistry between these two is undeniable.  Their love is undeniable.  Once the two come together again, old habits start to come back one at a time.  These two are almost like a symphony… They know each other’s thoughts.  They can almost anticipate the other’s next move… almost. 
This story of unrequited love will capture your attention.  You will be hanging on to every word… You will want Sarah to just wake up.  I found myself begging her to grow up and drop the chip on her shoulder.  Things in life don’t always go the way they should.  But when life throws you a second bone, you take it, right?