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Alistair Ingram is finally the man he wants to be, with the woman he wants to be with. No longer ruled by his manager, producer, agent or fans’ desires, he and Bethany “Black Betty” Stavars have settled into his LA mansion and have started a life together. Everything is as it should be…until he gets the call that Bethany has been brutally attacked in their home. 

Alistair can barely stand to see Bethany’s bruised and battered body, but that’s not the worst of her injuries. She regains consciousness thinking she’s still married to her ex-husband—the man responsible for putting her in the hospital in the first place—and has no recollection of being with Alistair.

Unable to coax her brain into giving her any memories of the past ten years of her life, Bethany struggles to comprehend how she could’ve ended up on the other side of the country—California instead of Florida—and living with superstar actor, Alistair Ingram. Even worse, how had she become a dominatrix at a Vegas men’s’ club? 

Lucky for her, the past few months have been detailed in black and white newsprint in every gossip magazine she can get her hands on. 

With their relationship hanging in the balance, there’s only one thing Alistair can do. Jog her memory the best way he knows how. In bed.

My Review
3.5 stars
First, I will start with letting you know that I have the first book in this series... I really should have read it first.  Now reading it isn't necessarily vital, but it would have most likely made this book a little better for me.
This book is a VERY quick read, like an hour and a half to two hour read.  It goes a little quick.  In my opinion, a little too short.  I am not a huge fan of novellas.  They are very hard to rate and review because there is so little to take in.
Now this book does have a lot of steam.  I loved the premise of the book.  I liked the delivery of it.  I just wanted more to this chapter between these two characters.
I will say that I was able to get a pretty good feel for the two characters, their relationship and their past.  Like I said before, had I read the first book, I would have already known the characters.  
If you read the first book, I am sure this book will be a breath of fresh air.  I am itching to get caught up on reading so I can go back and read the first book, which has been awaiting me for some time.