Cover Reveal: Locked by Eva Morgan

Seventeen-year-old Irene Adler is the smartest student at Aspen High and everyone knows it.

Until Sherlock Holmes moves in next door. 

He draws girls in with his British accent and sharp-cheekboned looks, and scares them off with his sharper tongue. Only Irene’s unintimidated—until Sherlock’s boredom leads him to unravel Irene’s secret career of helping her fellow students get dirt on their exes and cheat on tests, for a fee. 

Sherlock has the same amount of weak points as he has friends—zero—and when Irene can't beat him, she joins him in investigating a real crime that rocks their school. 

As enemies, they understand each other. 

As partners, they're the only ones who can find the killer. 

As something more, they just might be unstoppable.

Release date:  February 14, 2014