New Year's Reader Appreciation Giveaway

When I first started by blog a year ago (almost to the day), I did it because I enjoyed reading and wanted to share it with everyone else.  I never expected my blog to take me places such as blog tours, cover reveals, meeting some really great authors in person.... 
I know bloggers and authors always seem to be giving something away.  It is addicting and fun.  Plus, what better way to keep you on our good side!  Lol.
So, as a thank you to those of you who follow my blog, Facebook page and/or Twitter, I want to say thank you.  Without you, my blog would be pointless.  
Below you will find a giveaway of a few books.  Most of them new releases.  All of them promising good reads.  I tried to chose books that you may or may not have heard much about but may appeal to everyone.  Some are/were big when they first came out... Some just came out and haven't had a lot of buzz around them.  So let's change that! 

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