Review: Perfect Lie by Teresa Mummert

Sometimes love burns so hot in your veins that it consumes all rational thought. 
That’s why Brock and I never had a chance. I had to start my life over. College was my chance to become someone new. I changed everything about myself to fit in, but one person saw through my facade. 
The attraction between Abel and I was undeniable, but I still hadn’t healed from the painful secret I carried around with me. Abel struggled to get me to face my past in order to move forward. In doing so, he revealed a secret of his own; one that changed everything I thought I knew. 
A secret that would bring Brock back into my life and force me to face the truth of what really happened the day I lost him.

I can't wrap my head around this one!  Teresa has done it again!  She has given me a story that I just can't stop replaying over and over again in my head!
So, we have Lie (Delilah).  She has been tossed aside by her mother.  She was a product of a rape.  Her mother was a teenager when she had her.  She made sure she let Lie know how much she ruined her life up until she threw her in a youth center.  Once Lie heads south to start over, she just can't forget the things that have brought her there, including Brock.
Brock.  Lie meets him in the youth center.  Their friendship turns to something else... I wouldn't say love.  More like obsession.  This topic is something I can't really go too deep into without spoiling the book.  Lie pines for him.  She feels lost and worthless without him.  He is gone.  She can't have him.  
Enter Abel.  He is a mystery.  Lie just can't figure him out, yet she is drawn to him.  She thinks he is just like everyone around him, but at the same time she knows he is different.  Their attraction is apparent.  Her reluctance is understandable.
This story is like a volcano waiting to explode.  It has a few minor eruptions throughout, but when it erupts... Whew!  Things sure fall into place and I was left sitting there thinking WTF just happened!
I won't lie, you will be a little lost here and there.  The crypticness of the book can be a little disarming for some.  Hang in there.  It is all worth it in the end!  And that ending!  WTF!  Yes, WTF!  I can't describe it.  I sat there for a while once I finished it looking for the signs.  I just didn't see them.  Nothing pointed me to where the story went!  And that, in itself, makes this book even more genius!