Spotlight and Giveaway: The Good Side of Crazy by Anna Chastain

Shae Martin has been called up for duty, guardian duty. When her dad and stepmother are killed in a car accident, Shae is called up as guardian of her 15-year-old sister, Sadie. It wasn't that long ago that Shae, herself, was a teenager; but you'd think, based on her current relations with Sadie, that it had been a millennia. Shae struggles to balance being a "psuedo-mama" to a teenager, back to living in a small town, in her estranged father's home, with dating and career and her sanity. Sadie's assistant principal, Adam MacCallum, is entirely too delectable for Shae to pass up on, whether or not Sadie approves; and Sadie's bad-boy, Cash, is the thorn in Shae's side that just won't go away. So the question is, can these women navigate the many facets of love in their lives, and resolve to settle their futures without killing/maiming/deleting or becoming each other's worst enemies in the process?

Anna Chastain is a born and raised California girl. She currently resides in central California with her husband, two daughters, manic mutt, Penny, and a fish named after a Greek god. She is addicted to books, music, and greek yogurt; "Morning Star" is her first published novel, "The Good Side of Crazy," her second. On an average day, you'll catch her hanging with her kindergarteners singing songs about ABC's and pizza, her kindle and iPod not far out of reach.

"I downloaded this book on its rainy birthday and stayed up until way past bedtime finishing it. The author is gifted at creating characters that feel both incredibly real and incredibly good. The book left me happy that people like the ones in this book exist, even if only in someone's imagination. A very enjoyable read."
 "The Good Side of Crazy is a smart, witty read with LMAO moments."

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