My Surprise Announcement

How do I start this post?  First let me give you a little bit of a background on me.
I have always liked to read.  I stopped for a long time after high school... Life got in the way, and it wasn't something that was important to me.
Growing up, everyone always told me I should be an English teacher or Math teacher.  I never wanted to go that route.  However, reading and writing were something I enjoyed.  I did well with them.
So a few years ago, I begged my boyfriend for a Kindle after the Kindle Fire first came out.  His response was, "But you don't read."  And of course my response was, "I would if I had a Kindle!"  Haha.  And read I have done ever since.  I can't tell you how many books I have read since then.  Hundreds, literally.
I have always enjoyed writing though.  I used to write short stories and poems all of the time.  After high school, again that stopped.  I guess writing has always been in my blood.  As a young adult, I would write these long, expressive letters to people.  I couldn't help it.  Reading and writing have always been cathartic to me.
About a year after I got my first Kindle, I started my blog.  First I was The Reading Corner by Amber.  Then I changed it to Up All Night Book Blog.... but surprise, right around that same time, another blog came out with the same name.  So now, here I am, Up All Night Book Addict.  I am unique when comparing to other blogs.  I know that I don't have anything in particular that stands out from others.  However, what makes me unique is that I am alone in this journey.  I don't have a partner or team of people on my blog.  It's me.  I do it ALL!  Social media.  All me.  My blog reading and posts.  All me.
So now I am ready to continue my journey.  I am picking up the pen, so to speak, and going to go back to trying to write.  Why?  I love it.  I just can't resist the temptation.  I need to know if I am any good, or if it is just in my head.
So, my first book... It doesn't have an official title.  Right now, I am calling it "Daddy Dearest:  Melissa's Vendetta".  The name will likely change.  It doesn't sound right to me.  Once I am closer to being done with the book, it will come to me.  Plus, I am an indecisive person.  I change my mind, A LOT.  Anyhow, that is my "big" news.  I am attempting to write a book.  I am giving myself until October to have it done.  So keep your fingers crossed.  Wish me luck... and hopefully, read my book!

Temporary Prologue/Synopsis

My name is Melissa.  I am twenty-four years old.  My father is a monster.  My mother, his former slave.  Yes, you heard me right.  I am the daughter of a monster and a slave.  There’s no denying I have demons.  Demons that are itching to be released.
Growing up, I didn’t know the depths of the relationship between my parents.  My family is all I knew.  My dad loved me.  He doted on me.  He spoiled me.  He loved me, in his own way.  He protected me.  I can’t say that my dad was an evil man in my eyes, growing up.  I didn’t know any better.  I saw glimpses of the real him.  But I ignored them.  He was my dad.  I adored him.  I worshiped the ground he walked on.
From what I have gathered, the day my mom had me, my father released my mom as a slave.  He freed her.  He wanted my mom to be a mom.  Deep down, I truly believe that he loved my mom in some way.  I had to believe that.  It needed to be true.  We were a family, a happy family.  Until the day I turned eighteen.  That’s the day my life, as I knew it, was destroyed.  My rose-colored glasses were shattered.  That was the day I realized my life was a sham.  
The day of my eighteenth birthday, my dad sold my mom to another monster.  I have not seen her since.  I wasn’t allowed to see her before she left.  I never got to tell her I loved her before she was gone.  I never got to ask her how.  How could she allow this?  How could she not love me enough to stay, be my mom?
He sold her!  He didn’t own her.  She was a person, not a possession.  He freed her, goddamit!  That’s the day I stopped loving my father.  That’s the day my hatred for the man who raised me began.  That was the day I vowed revenge.
The story I am about to tell you is NOT a love story.  There, most likely, will be no happy ending.  There is no room for love when revenge is seeping through my pours.  Revenge is all I have known for the last six years.  And revenge is what I am about to get.


  1. Amber, this looks great!!! Keep it up and keep us posted, PLEASE!!!!

  2. Proud of you and so happy for you Amber. Live your dream <3 :)

  3. Thank you ladies! And a huge thank you Rebecca! That means a lot to me, coming from you! <3


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