Review: Destination to be Determined by JB McGee and Nicole Andrews Moore

The Traveler Series Premise

Emmy London is a private investigator by choice and a time traveler by chance. Her super secret ability enables her to go back in time to solve mysteries, but not change the past. The one caveat is that she can't use it for personal gain; the one mystery she can't solve is that of her past.

Follow Emmy as she tests the limits of her curse, writes her own rules, and learns that 'not-a-dates' can become relationships she never wanted all the while drinking lots of coffee.

These sexy humorous mysteries can be read as standalone novellas even as the characters evolve.

Synopsis for Destination to be Determined

Life has never been easy for Emmy London. Raised in foster homes, she learned to never get too comfortable, to never let anyone in. When her classmate, Chloe Oliver, disappeared at the tender age of five, so did she. From that moment on, life was never the same. She kept a secret and kept her distance from everyone. 

With the twentieth anniversary of Chloe's disappearance looming, Mr. Oliver sought Emmy's assistance, asking her to revisit the past in order to give him the closure he so desperately needed. As a private investigator, she was accustomed to facing unpleasant situations and sifting through others' lives. Unfortunately, this time to do that, she had to face her own. 

Soon, she herself is being followed. A handsome stranger insinuates himself in her life. Everything she believed and thought she knew is called into question beginning with…can she turn her curse into a gift?

Her mission is clear, her destination is to be determined.

Main Characters in this book are Emmy, Blaze and Sean.  It's not everyday that I like all of the key characters in a book.  But I do in this one.  This book is more of a teaser, an introduction of sorts, of what may come.  I can't wait to sink my teeth into the next book in this series.

I always struggle with rating and reviewing novellas of this type.  Series of novellas that make up a whole story make things a little difficult.  You only get bits and pieces at a time.  Yes, that sounds like a normal series, but they aren't.  Once you put them together, you will end up with one book, not a series.  So with this being said, it's hard to say much, but I will do my best...

Poor Emmy.  Being a foster kid shuffled around her entire childhood, being labeled a trouble kid because no one understood her special abilities.  I felt for her.  I wanted to hug Emmy the child.  

Now an adult, Emmy has avoided using her abilities.  Which, in turn, means she has had to set rules for herself, so when she sleeps, she won't drift off.  Now comes the father of the girl that she witnessed being kidnapped as a five-year old.  She will be forced to use her abilities to give him closure...

Meanwhile, enter Blaze.  He comes out of nowhere.  He is always there.  His target seems to be Emmy.  He is captivated by her.  He just can't seem to stay away.  You get a feeling there is more to his adoration than what you get on the surface.  Afterall, he is a P.I., just like her.  But who is he investigating?  His attention is on Emmy.

The budding relationship with these characters is unique.  I found myself chuckling and smiling.  Their pull to one another is undeniable and seems inevitable.

Now, I didn't forget about Sean.  We didn't get a whole lot of him.  But what we get of him is nothing short of snarky entertainment.  He being, in Emmy's eyes, Emmy's best friend.  Really the only friend she has allowed herself to have, I am sure we will be seeing much more of him in the future!

I have a sneaking feeling that the sub-plots that surround the main plot of this book will all come together to make the plot more explosive in the end... That's what I am hoping for anyway!  I more than enjoyed this book.  I read it from start to finish in under two hours.  It's short enough that it's a quick read, and it's intriguing enough that you must finish it right away!