Blog Tour and Giveaway: Acadia's Law by Tracy Ellen

“Acadia’s Law” is the stand alone first book in the “Undying Love” series, an unusual and thrilling love story by Tracy Ellen, the author that brought you “The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod”---

Ask yourself this: How would you survive?

Acadia King is a young widow suddenly faced with answering this question, but in ways she could have never dreamed possible! Dark with despair over the death of her husband two years previous and the heavy burden of running a large farm, Acadia reluctantly agrees with her concerned friends to socialize again in the hopes of finding a little happiness. How could she know that the same night she finally ventures out to a cocktail bar to meet a man for a date an infection that turns people into violent crazies will begin to sweep across the Twin Cities!

The race is on!

For every person that can empathize with losing a special love and the struggle to find a reason to go on, be prepared for a sensual, sexy, and exuberant love story! For every person that has ever wondered what they would do if they had a day to get ready for the end of the world, be prepared for the start of a dark, humorous, action-packed thrill ride!

Acadia’s Law introduces an outrageous heroine struggling to find her feet again, an insanely hot hero doing his best to keep her on her back, and a supporting cast of great characters in the apocalyptic world of Acadia King.

For mature audiences.

Meet the Author:
I absolutely love writing! I was born in Indiana to middle-class parents, the third out of five hellions. Growing up, I often used my supernatural powers to force my family members to listen to me talk and tell stories. When that tough crowd laughed of their own free will, I knew the world would someday, somehow be my stage. I've lived in the Midwest my whole life--in a small town, on a farm, and in the big city. Currently, I live in the suburbs of St Paul, Minnesota with my husband, family, a naughty dog and a wonderfully evil cat. I’m writing full-time and loving life. I really enjoy connecting with readers, too. Comments, posts, emails, and reviews are always truly welcome. Follow my blog, Twitter, and Face Book to be aware of events and giveaways, volunteer opportunities, and  new books I’m self-publishing--or just stop by and say Hi! Happy Summer!


More scared than I’ve ever been in my life, it took every ounce of courage I possessed to move again. Once I forced my frozen body to obey and rose up into a crouch, I was more in control again. I kicked off my shoes. Needing to be able to run, I reached behind me. Silently screaming for strength, I grabbed the short back slit and ripped my tight dress up the back seam.
The blonde was still curled into a tight ball, rocking and crying. I yearned to make it a duet, but told her I had a gun and was leaving. I said she could come with me if she’d shut up and promised not to jump on me again.
She sat up quickly. “Don’t leave me! Please don’t leave me! Please!”
Oval face red and blotchy, perfectly straight nose streaming snot, and crystalline blue eyes swollen slits from bawling; I was still right on about the beauty part.
“Jesus, chill! I just said you could come with me. I’m Acadia.” I kept an eye on the people rushing by us. None of them looked down. I was waiting for another opening so we wouldn’t get trampled. “Are you ready to get out of here? I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to hit a different bar. The men are animals here.”
So sue me; I get dark when scared out of my gourd.
She only stared and whispered, “I’m Bambi.”
“No shit?” I kept tracking the area cautiously while pulling my purse strap over my head to carry it snugly across my body. Keeping low to the floor under the tables, I was relieved none of the crazies had noticed us yet. They might not, as long as there were easy pickings running everywhere to keep them occupied. I blinked away this terribly true thought. Extending a hand, I pulled the blonde up next to me. “You like the name Bambi?”
“My real name’s Barbara,” she mumbled, gazing out at the slaughterhouse around us. A couple feet away, a woman lay dead on the floor. Her face and throat were a mangled mess. It was one of many terrible sights.
The blonde started to hyperventilate and got that wild look again. I couldn’t afford her freaking out on me or she’d get us killed.
“Barbara!” I said her name quietly but firmly, as if she was a child, and also because I refused to call a grown woman Bambi. “Hold on to the top of my dress in back. That’s right,” I encouraged when she obediently clenched a handful of fabric. Her shaking fingers were cold on my skin. “Now don’t let go and don’t say a word. Look down, admire the damn red polish on my toes, and follow my feet. I walk, you walk. I run, you run. I stop, you stop. Got it?”


Those that follow my reviews know that I am a HUGE fan of Tracy Ellen's.  It's not a secret.  I have had no qualms in the past in signing her praises... This is yet another one of those times!  This book took me by surprise and through a journey I hadn't expected.

So we start with the characters.  As always, Tracy's characters are spunky and quick-witted.  I always wonder what kind of people surround Tracy for her to create such colorful characters.  They all have a special bond and relationship that we all hope to have with everyone, but in reality, we usually only accomplish it with just a few people in a lifetime.

Next we have the plot... This one is a little trickier.  I can't go too into the plot.  I would be a spoiler if I did.  Let's just say that at first, you will be all, "What the heck?  Ummm what?  Wait, let me read that page again.  Did I just read what I think I read?".  Then you will continue... Laughing.  Gasping.  Cocking your head to the side in bewilderment.  For real.  You will.  And you will love it.  So, what is the plot...?  Ummm well you have a little sci-fi, a little lust, a little mayhem, a little out-break.... okay you have a lot of the above?  Just read it.  You won't be disappointed!


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