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This shouldn't be happening again…

Amber Scott thought her screaming nightmares would end now that her stalker is locked up and awaiting trial. But they return when her slam-dunk case starts to fall apart. Explicit letters she allegedly wrote surface, suggesting she was the mastermind behind her assault, a willing victim.

Amber only feels safe in the arms of her boyfriend Marcus, the one person she can lean on. Until damning evidence from Marcus's past collides with the case and the media circus drags them both down. To protect Amber's reputation, Marcus has only one option: end their relationship. He won't risk further damage to her case, even if it means breaking her heart.

Amber has to find the strength to step into the spotlight and bring awareness to victims' rights before she's convicted in the court of public opinion. And she's really not sure what's worse—that her kidnapper could walk free, or that the seemingly endless attention and speculation will drive Marcus away permanently…

See how it all began for Amber and Marcus in Tell Me When.

** 4-Stars **

This book is like others, but at the same time it isn't.  We are drawn to this couple because of their pasts, and how those pasts are affecting their lives now.  Their relationship and growth is the thing that makes the book stand out from other books.

Amber and Marcus have both been "tortured" in the past.  These two are learning to deal with everything and move forward, even though it's not always easy to do.

This is the kind of book that lingers in your mind for some time after you finish it.  You find yourself solving things for this couple in your head.  You want to reach out to the characters and give them advice.  There is such talented writing in this book.


Born in England, Stina loves to travel, and has lived in England, the US, Canada, and Finland. She spent a semester in graduate school living in central Finland, and a summer during her undergrad degree working in Helsinki. She has a Master’s of Science degree in exercise physiology and has worked with elite athletes. In her free time, Stina is a photographer, mother of three adorable kids, and devoted wife. She currently lives in Calgary, Canada.

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