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Oliver Durant finally feels complete. With his butterfly now wearing his collar, he begins to introduce her to his world, taking her to his BDSM club and introducing her to his family. Things progress rapidly and she feels safe and welcome with them and his species. The longer they are together, the more she starts to become like his kind, offering him hope that he will be able to be with his mate for the rest of his life. 
While Rebecca Summers is new to the BDSM lifestyle, she adapts quickly and serves her Master well, giving him everything he asks for. She loves pleasing him and spending time with his family, who has given her the sense of belonging she’s yearned for since her parents’ tragic deaths. She can’t imagine denying Oliver anything, and even asks to undergo the genetic transformation to become one of his species. Days before the event, they are given some news that changes everything. 
Can these two find their happily ever after? 
Or does fate have other plans?

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As we walked past, I pulled her close to me. Her eyes were on the floor, but I knew she’d taken in much of the scene around her. Not even acknowledging it, I walked her through the small crowd and down a hallway. 

Just like downstairs, there were many themed rooms to help people with their fantasies and fetishes. My butterfly’s eyes were wide as we passed several doorways, but I led her to the one I’d chosen for us.

We stopped at what looked like a police interrogation room. Many submissives and Doms liked the idea of being forced to submit. This room was well supplied with police paraphernalia, as well as other, harsher equipment. There were handcuffs, shackles, spreader bars, and rubber hoses, along with other more serious devices that could be used for torture. 

There was only one item that had drawn my attention, however, and I’d show it to her after we had gotten reaquainted. She stepped into the room cautiously, and I quickly closed the door behind her, flipping the lock.
She jumped at the noise. Without hesitation, I grabbed her wrists and held them above her head, crashing my lips down on hers. She opened her mouth like a good girl, and I tongue fucked her until her knees started to tremble. Finally confirming she was completely mine, I pulled back and gave her permission to look around for the first time.

“This is a special room that some Doms use with their pets. Each has his or her own reason. I brought you here for a special reason, too.” I turned her around so she faced a large glass window.

“Do you know what that is, butterfly?”

Her eyes were wide and she nodded her head.

“Say it. What is it?”

She swallowed. “It’s uh, a two way mirror.”

“Yes, butterfly. And do you know who is on the other side of the mirror?”

She shook her head. 

“It could be one man, or a dozen men. Did you see what they were doing when Sydney was teaching Gretchen a lesson?”

She shook her head again.

“They were watching, pleasuring themselves while she was being used.”
I could hear her heart racing. Letting the thought sink in, I moved her toward the glass. I knew that I’d locked the door before getting her and that no one was in the other room, but she didn’t, and that was what had her arousal dripping from her folds.

We stood before the glass, her in front, me right behind her. I whispered into her ear, “You remember your safe words, right, butterfly?”

She nodded. “Tell me, little one, whose breasts are these?”

She gasped. “Yours, Master.”

I ran my hands over the leather cups of the bra and then slid them around to the back. My fingers made quick work of the clasp, leaving the bra loosely covering her breasts. Her breathing was quick and uneven as I slid the straps over her shoulders and the garment fell to the floor. She started to move her hands as if to cover herself, but caught her action in time. 
I ran my hands over her newly exposed skin, causing her to gasp then moan when I stopped to pinch her pebbled nipples. Sliding my hands to her shoulders, I pressed them back and together slightly, making her tits jut out. “Now that is a much better view for them. I can only imagine the pleasure they are getting from your body.”

She whimpered but stayed still. “Now it’s time to show them your pussy…my pussy.” She looked in the mirror at me expectantly. “Lower your bottoms. I want everything off except your stockings.”

She slid the thong down her legs and stepped out of it. Smiling, she stood her ground, though I could see she was trembling.

“Show them your pussy.” She spread her legs slightly. “Hold open those wet lips. They want to see how hot and pink it is on the inside.”
“Rose,” she murmured softly.

At her use of a safeword, I froze. I almost told her that there was no one in the other room, and was prepared to show her when she took a deep breath. “Lily,” she said in a more convincing voice before reaching between her legs and spreading her lips wide, revealing a bright pink and very swollen clit.

“Such a good girl,” I praised. “Now hop up on the table. I want you watching the window. They want to see your face as I claim your pussy as mine and fill you with my come.”

She climbed onto the table, and I instructed her to get onto all fours. I knelt behind her, and without warning, I slammed my hard cock into her body and began fucking her doggie style. She squealed and screamed, grunted and groaned as my engorged dick filled her, but she never used her safe word. I allowed her to come, insinuating that the men in the other room were getting off at the look on her face and the wetness that flowed from between her legs and onto the table. Finally, when the pleasure became too great, I thrust a few more times quickly, then buried myself deep inside of her.