Review and Giveaway: Rellik by Teresa Mummert

Rellik Bentley is to die for. 

He can have any woman he wants and they will do anything to be with him. He uses and abuses them like drugs and tosses them out with the trash. The only thing he gives a f*ck about is his music. That is, until Ella Lighten walks into his life and stumbles upon one of his darkest secrets. In the midst of doing damage control, he begins to obsess over the mysterious woman who wants absolutely nothing to do with him.
Rellik won’t take no for an answer.

I will admit, there are a small handful of authors that I will read ANYTHING they put out.  Teresa Mummert is one of them.  She has yet to let me down.  If she were the leader of a cult, I would be one of her minions holding the pitcher, making all taste her kool-aid!  I am not ashamed to admit it.  With that said, you may wonder if my 5-star rating is for the book or her.... Honestly, it's both.  Now, before you get your panties in a bunch let me explain that one.  The book is AMAZING.  The book is amazing because the author did an AMAZING job at telling the story.  So yes, every rating I give a book, I am also giving the author!
So I guess you want to know some specific thoughts on this story.  Well, I already told you that it is amazingly written.  Rellik and Ella are the modern day Bonnie and Clyde.  Yes, Bonnie and Clyde.  And no, they don't go across the country robbing and killing people... Well not right away... Well, no not really...
When we meet Ella, we are intrigued by her.  She is a strong woman just barely making it.  She is trying to hold on to her sanity and find answers she has never gotten.  Why was she dealt such a shitty hand?  Why did such horrible things always happen to her?  How will she get the retribution she desperately needs?
Rellik.  Band member.  Badass.  Womanizer.  Accused murdered.  Hot-headed.  On a mission to make those who ruined his life pay for the events that ruined him.  
These two stumble upon each other in a dark alley.  Then things get crazy.  Ella doesn't know who to trust.  Rellik wants answers from Ella.  I had a feeling that these two had a past somehow connected, but just couldn't put my finger on it.  I liked Rellik.  I disliked Rellik.  I felt sorry for Rellik.  I wanted to smack Rellik.  I bounced all over the place with this character.  He is so complex, yet so ordinary.  
When the truth for these two characters starts to unravel, the story really gets going.  Deceit and betrayal are present.  Revenge is all either of these can taste on their tongues.  Trust is something that these two can't seem to grasp.  But their connection can't be denied.  
There isn't anything these characters wouldn't do for one another... Nothing short of murder, if it comes to that.  This is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end.  The lies and secrets that are revealed are almost too much to handle.  I sat there with my mouth hanging open, gasping.  I figured out little pieces here and there, but I wasn't totally correct, only partly correct.
This definitely was the perfect book to read right after Insidious.  My head was already in a dark place.  So my brain openly welcomed this dark and twisted read.  It fed my hunger and caused yet another book hangover.   

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