Blog Tour and Review: Black Iris by Leah Raeder

The next dark and sexy romantic suspense novel from the USA Today bestselling author of Unteachable.

It only took one moment of weakness for Laney Keating’s world to fall apart. One stupid gesture for a hopeless crush. Then the rumors began. Slut, they called her. Queer. Psycho. Mentally ill, messed up, so messed up even her own mother decided she wasn't worth sticking around for.

If Laney could erase that whole year, she would. College is her chance to start with a clean slate.

She's not looking for new friends, but they find her: charming, handsome Armin, the only guy patient enough to work through her thorny defenses—and fiery, filterless Blythe, the bad girl and partner in crime who has thorns of her own.

But Laney knows nothing good ever lasts. When a ghost from her past resurfaces—the bully who broke her down completely—she decides it's time to live up to her own legend. And Armin and Blythe are going to help.

Which was the plan all along.

Because the rumors are true. Every single one. And Laney is going to show them just how true.

She's going to show them all.

This is Leah Raeder's second book... I read her first one, Unteachable, and liked it, but I didn't love it.  I had some personal issues with it.  So, going into this book, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I already knew that Leah is a fantastic writer.  Her first book was just not the type of plot I would normally go for.  This one, though, I totally dug into!  

This story is a unique and phenomenally written book.  I will say, this somewhat dark read might not be for everyone.  I have seen some that either had a hard time finishing it or just didn't finish it at all.  Not every book is for everyone.  I can understand where some had difficulty with this book.  It is slower moving, for the most part.  A lot of books that go slower tend to lose readers' interest.  I almost stopped for this reason, but I am glad I didn't.

In this book, you will find some complete mind-fuckery going on!  This is a triangle of sorts.  You have one girl who is lost and broken and out for revenge, you think... Then you have another girl who is twisted and shows some serious signs of mental illness.  Then you have a boy... a boy who likes girls he needs to fix.  Throw these three together and you get one big cluster of head games, plot twists and heart breaks.

I don't want to be a spoiler.  If I go into the plot too much, I will give too much away.  Just know that not everyone is as they seem in this story.  Things aren't anywhere near black and white.  This book is about trust and manipulation of the worst kind.  It isn't light and fluffy or unicorns and rainbows.  In fact, I am pretty sure some of these characters would chop off the unicorns horn if given the chance.

Leah Raeder is a writer and unabashed nerd. Aside from reading her brains out, she enjoys graphic design, video games, fine whiskey, and the art of self-deprecation. She lives with her very own manic pixie dream boy in Chicago. Visit her at