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They were a storm I never saw coming, an unforeseen heartbreak on the edge of a dangerous cliff.

In AMBER TO ASHES (Atria Paperback; June 9th, 2015), Amber Moretti’s life changes in the span of minutes. An orphaned outsider, she is desperate to start fresh the moment she walks onto campus. In the time it takes to cross the university’s dining hall, she meets two men who bring color, air, and light to her darkened world.

They became my addiction, each a needle to my next hit, my high.

Brock Cunningham’s appeal is dizzying, a potent force Amber can’t deny. A green-eyed smooth talker, he instantly attracts Amber. It doesn’t take long for him to consume her every thought, her every breath.

Ryder Ashcroft, a blue-eyed, tattooed, and pierced bad boy, turns Amber off immediately—that is, until he kisses her, stealing a piece of her heart, her soul.

They were as opposite as fire and ice, yet I ached for them equally. 

Never knowing she could be broken down in so many unexpectedly beautiful yet petrifying ways, Amber finds herself falling for both men.

Immoral? Maybe. I say undeniable. Uncontained.

But one devastating event changes everything, shattering each of their lives...and Amber isn’t sure she can recover from it.

My 5-Star Review

I don't know what to say about this book. It's so... so... deep.  I don't really know what word to use to describe it!  It definitely is not the love triangle you may be expecting.

Amber.  She has her struggles.  Mainly sex.  Then these two boys enter her life, and she has more heart trouble than she could ever have imagined.

These boys.  Ryder and Brock.  Jocks.  One a sweet.  One an a-hole.  But both very magnetic and are on Amber like white on rice.

This isn't your sweet love story.  So don't go into this book expecting anything sweet.  It is everything BUT sweet.  It will gut you, more than once.  It will have you cringing and begging and crying.  There is no way around it.  This book will have you curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth.

Ever since I read this, I kept asking myself how in the heck can I write this review without giving the book away.  I mean, I don't normally go into the book itself often, but this is one of those books I want to discuss.  I want someone to talk to me about it.  Be prepared to be a blubbering mess before the end of this book!

This book is so well written.  It's written with care and heart.  You will see that.  Gail has chosen every word carefully.  

Everything has a purpose.  Everything has a reason.  Everything leads you to the ending... the cliffhanger.  Yes, I said cliffhanger.  It is book one in a series, hence the Torn Hearts #1 in the title.  Before you get your panties in a bunch and decide you aren't reading this.  You don't like cliffhangers, I am going to be forward with you.  Knock it off. This book cannot end any other way.  If you are a sap and want a happy ending, oh well.  This book is not one of those that even should have a happy ending.  I love that it has a cliffhanger.  I love the cliffhanger.  It left me shaking my head back and forth saying, "no, no, no."  That my dearies, is a GREAT book!

**Cliffhanger disclaimer: I have said it before and I will say it again (just in case I didn't get my point across above).  Don't be a dick about the cliffhanger.  It is the authors right (aka creative control) to write the story as he or she sees fit.  If you want to go cry and complain about the cliffhanger, leave it out of your review and social media posts.  No one likes douchebags.  And those that complain and bitch about cliffhangers are douchbags.  And in my eyes, they aren't true fans.  Cliffhangers rule.  Cliffhangers lead to more of the story.  Cliffhangers are meant to be in some books.**

Gail McHugh is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Collide and Pulse. She is the mother of three beautiful children and has been married to her husband for fifteen years.

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