Review: Baseball Dads by Matthew S. Hiley

An irreverent black comedy about sex, drugs, murder… and children's baseball.
Dwayne Devero is just like you and me, except he simply doesn’t give a s**t any more. He’s had enough. He’s done with people living life wrong. You’ll do it right, or he’ll bury you under the bases at the ballpark where he coaches. It’s just that simple.
Tired of poor decisions being made all around him, from the politics of player positions on his son's little league baseball team to the philandering of his wife in his own bedroom, Dwayne decides that breaking is better than bending. What follows is a wild ride full of carnage and revenge, led by a man who will stop at absolutely nothing to bring honor back to his family, his community… and children's baseball.
Baseball Dads is a pitch black comedy in which one man takes on the duty of bludgeoning honor back into a sometimes dishonorable world.

Book released on September 15, 2015
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*** 5 Stars ***
How could I NOT give this book FIVE stars? Seriously! I will tell you, this book is NOT for everyone. If you don’t like crude humor and stereotypes, I advise to not read this book. This book is full of nothing but dark, crude and cliché humor. I was dying, DYING! And I loved every second of it!

So Dwayne is tired of the hypocritical baseball politics and the self-righteous people in his community. He is ready to take a stand. He and his little misfit crew of baseball dads decide to take things into their own hands in order to have their sons win a baseball game. Sounds simple. Except for the fact that every cliché stereotype is thrown into this group, their dark and sometimes racist humor with one another and excessive drug use is a big part of the story. It is so unique and funny I didn’t want the book to end!

I have a feeling that Matthew put a lot of his own frustrations into some of this book. It was too…. too… I am not sure what the word I am looking for is… Too real? No, that’s not the word. Whatever the word I can’t find in my brain is, it is one of those books that you gasp and laugh hysterically at the same time. The jokes are soooo wrong and soooo offensive, they have you shaking your head while tears are rolling down your face from laughing so hard.

I LOVE the characters. I mean, seriously. How could I not? They are the perfect group of baseball dads. So cliché and over the top, but at the root of it, they love their sons and want to make them happy. Even if that means they are miserable and do some more than questionable and illegal things to achieve their goal!

This is one of those books that I just want to sit here and tell about it for hours. However, that is impossible and then I would be a spoiler. And I am not a spoiler. I am the exact opposite. I am going to tell you as little as possible about this book, but still make you want to read it. Do you want to read it yet? If you are shaking your head no, well I feel sorry for you. This book reminds me of a few men I know… And you know who you are… there are more than one of you… You guys really should pick this book up. Read it. Love it. Own the inner-asshole we all know you possess.


I wanted to give you a few of my favorite quotes, but I decided to just give you one. Before I do, though, if you are easily offended, do NOT even bother to read it. If you have a sense of humor…. well, here you go!

“Great,” Russ muttered to the others. “Three goddamn outs again. This coach is a goddamn joke. And where’s he gonna send my kid now? Right fucking field. And your kid, Dwayne? Left fucking field. This is absurd. Meanwhile, his kid is about six goddamn inches from being a full-blown retard, and he sticks him at shortstop.”