Review: Blood and Bone by Tara Brown

Listen, listen to the wind and stone.
Listen, listen to the sounds of old.
Listen, listen as my hopes are drowned.
Listen, listen to the sounds that bullets make of blood and bones.
Where will you run today?
How will you ever get away?”
This is NOT a romance. This is a ride.
Blood and Bone
The hollow sound of a casing hitting the floor.
The clicking of heels walking in a misty alley.
The ability to tie a cherry stem with her tongue.
A haunting song no one else knows.
That's all that's left of Jane's memories.
What would you do if the life you lived was a lie, and everyone knew but you?
Where do you run when there is no one on your side?
Jane discovers that deep inside her mind there is a map.
What she doesn't know is that there is also a man who will do anything to get it.
But what he doesn't know is that Jane hasn't always been honest about the things she remembers.
There are paces inside of Jane that even she doesn't like to go.
What would you do if the secret you kept was the only thing keeping you alive?
But keeping it meant someone else had to die.

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This book blew me away! This was the biggest mind-fuck I have read in a long time! Nothing is as is seems. Things change throughout the entire book. I was lost but intrigued throughout this whole book.
The complexity of this story is from one with some serious talent for writing. To be able to string this story along to give you all of the twists and turns all of the way until the very end is pure inventiveness. I was locked into the weaves in this spell-binding story from start to finish.
No one is who they seem. Nothing is as it seems. Things go deeper that I could imagine. The plot moves around and around. I was on the edge of my seat and contemplating what was really going on all of the way through. I really was clueless, even more so than I thought, once I got to the end. I was shocked and full of awe.
I really don’t want to get into the plot at all. This is one of those books that you really can’t begin to explain without giving things away. Everything about this story is shocking. Everything about this story is an untold truth. I can tell you if you like thrillers, this is definitely a story for you. There are two more books in this series. The third one is due out in November.