Review: Sin and Swoon by Tara Brown

Not even the warning label on the experimental project could have prepared Jane Spears for the nightmare she would walk into when the Ashley Potter case landed in her lap. Deep inside the victim’s mind, Jane finds clues hinting at the worst crimes she has ever come upon. But the bread crumbs don’t lead anywhere, and in the waking light Jane discovers nothing is as she believed. The conspiracy goes deeper than she can reveal, and the crimes are too hideous to leave unsolved. Can she stop it all in time, or will she be sucked in—trapped by the deranged mastermind?

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This is the second book in the Blood and Bone series. Afer the way the first book ended, I wasn't sure that Tara was going to be able to top it and shock me. We received so much information about what was really going on, I wasn't sure that I would be fooled this time around. WRONG!

Although we know just who Jane is... this story is woven into a whole new storyline. Another go around with Jane the awesome. To say I was shocked in this one is an understatement. Now, I was able to figure out one person, eventually, before I was told it was him. However, the reasoning was more shocking. And the sickness of it all had me gaping and foaming at the mouth for more.

I was completely immersed in this book from start to finish. I was more than pleased with this book. Again, I can't really tell you much about the story itself. This series is one of those that is a mystery from start to finish. I can't spoil the shock and surprise of this awesome book!

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