Review: Sports Impossible by JP McGee and Noah Polatty

Every day Matthew watches his friend, John, play football and baseball outside with his dad. Every day, Matthew wishes he could do the same, but he realizes he’s only able to play sports in his dreams because he has mitochondrial disease. Matthew’s parents make it their mission to try to make the best out of a bad situation, showering him with gifts and special experiences. Will they be able to give him hope? Will they find something he is able to do? Or are sports impossible?

** 4 Star Review from Up All Night Book Addict JR **
Sports Impossible tells of a boy struggling with mitochondrial disease. Though the boy (Matthew) has this disease, he shows that no matter the circumstances, there is always hope, always a way. This story is very touching, as it has taught me our differences are not flaws, but they are qualities. They are what makes us stronger. 
Some may have mitochondrial disease, but not call it a disability, for it is but a mere obstical in life. With the right help, support and strength you can move through anything thrown at you.