Review: The Death of Lila Jane by Teresa Mummert

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Teresa Mummert comes a cautionary coming of age tale. 
Lila Jane is spending her summer vacation preparing for high school. She does everything asked of her, but her parents rarely give her credit for her efforts. She decides to sneak out with a friend to attend a local party and shed her little girl image, to become a woman once and for all. What starts out as a fun escape soon escalates into a life on the run with a boy she barely knows.

My 3 Star Review

Every thing Teresa Mummert writes has a tendency to be magical. Sometimes it's dark. Sometimes it's heartbreaking. Sometimes it's in a class of its own. Who am I kidding? Her stories are usually a combination of the above and more. This story really isn't any different.

Just like Teresa's other books, I was roped in from the start. With all of the sadness and pain Lila and Kaden carry within themselves, these two characters are guaranteed to tell a story like no other.

Although I was immersed in this story, I was expecting so much more from it. When I first saw this book, I expected my emotions to be all over the place. Unfortunately, they weren't. Well, they were, but not as heavily as I expected. 

Overall, this book is a really good book. I highly recommend reading it. The characters are very relateable and likeable. I couldn't help but to feel so much for these characters. Everyone knows what it's like to be misunderstood and unseen. Their story is definitely one that will sit with you for a while.

Teresa Mummert grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania where she began dating her husband when they were only sixteen years old. They married at eighteen and soon moved to Louisiana as her husband began his military career. They are the proud parents of four children that they are raising in Georgia. 
Teresa began writing when her husband was deployed to Afghanistan as a way to cope with him being away at war. She soon became a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Her work includes the word of mouth bestselling White Trash Trilogy which landed her a three book publishing deal with Simon & Schuster. She has also written the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel The Note, the USA Today bestselling novel Safe Word, Perfect Lie, Pretty Little Things, the Honor series, Rellik, The Good Girls, Something Wicked, and the USA Today bestselling novel Sweet Nothing co-written with Jamie McGuire.
Future releases include Crave, Cruel, Depravity, The Death of Lila Jane, Hollow, Weeping Willow, Paper Doll, The Deep, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Rocked, Before I Wake, Fall to Pieces, and Victim. She also has a Middle Grade children's novel coming out soon titled The Seeker under the pseudonym T.S. Mummert.

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