Review: Sweet Girl by Rachel Hollis

Max Jennings is in a bad mood. It’s not anything you did; it’s just that secrets from her past make it her natural state of being. But she’s not going to talk about it or share her feelings, so don’t bother asking.

Max’s bad mood means that very few people actually truly understand her or know that her secret dream is to be a pastry chef. When a rare opportunity to work for world-famous Avis Phillips presents itself, Max jumps at the chance. Avis and her staff aren’t stingy with the tough love, so Max spends every spare minute practicing her craft. As she bakes brownies and custards, cookies and galettes, she builds an unlikely friendship with a man she once loathed and finds herself falling into something she’s spent the last six years avoiding. Will she let her painful past stand in the way, or will she muster the strength to forgive herself and realize her full potential?

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* 4 Star Review *

I think Max is one of my favorite characters in this group of likely, yet unlikely, friends.

Another great story of friendship and love. I love the uniqueness these characters bring to the table in these books. They are so light and refreshing. They are so real. Their stories are real. There isn't a person who can't relate to them.

When you are looking for a light and refreshing read, this series is definitely one you should pick up. You won't be disappointed.