Review: The Junkyard Boys by SH Richardson

Range Reardon
Filth, dirt, and hunger. That was my life before I stumbled across a junkyard with a closed sign out front when I was twelve years old. Born the son of a drunk and left to fend for myself, I was lost until I was found. Buck Calhoun was an ex-biker struggling with his own demons from his past. He didn’t want me, but I needed him. My persistence paid off and I became one of his junkyard boys. He taught me how to be a man, how to fight, how to survive. He became my mentor, my friend, and my father. He gave us all he could until he had nothing else to offer.

Clover Benjamin
A black sheep, an outcast, and a joke. I don’t fit into my perfect family. They’re a bevy of beauties with outgoing personalities and bubbly personas. I on the other hand, don’t look like them, speak like them, or act like them, but I’ll always be me. I spend my evenings watching classic television while working towards buying my own car. I’m boring. I don’t date, nor do I socialize. That all changes when a sexy Adonis saves me from certain death at the hands of a mutant insect. His masculine beauty takes my breath away, but I know I’ll bore him. The only problem is, he won’t take no for an answer. 

New-found love is tested and all hell breaks loose when a stranger from Buck’s past brings danger to the junkyard, threatening the only home they’ve ever known.

**** 4 Star Review ****

Kudos SH Richardson for writing such a unique story! The uniqueness to this story alone deserves the four-stars! I wasn't sure what to expect. I honestly was scared. I didn't want to not like this book. But because of its uniqueness, I was afraid.

SH's writing style is rough around the edges still. This is expected. This is her first novel. I give her a virtual high-five for trying to write in a way other writers don't. She has a voice in her writing that stands out. I admit, I am not sure how well her euphemisms are a little more advanced than what the typical reader is used to. I liked that. I may not have liked them all, but I got them and loved the originality in them.

I think that you are getting the point that this isn't a typical romance. It's rough and gritty. It gets down and dirty. Personally, I could do without some of the sex scenes, but that's just me and my preference. They fit. They flow with the story. If you follow my reviews, you know I am not a big s-e-x lover. 

I am very curious to see what SH brings us next.